I'm so stoked that you've stopped by! I'm Jocelyn, the photographer behind Understitch Photography. I've been in business since 2016, and I feel so incredibly lucky to do what I do.

The first thing that people tend to notice about me is that I'm very petite. 4'11" in fact (my goal in high school was to make it to 5'0", but you can't have everything, right?)! The second thing is that I'm almost always smiling or laughing. My clients often tell me how comfortable and relaxed I help them feel when I'm directing and photographing them, and hearing this always brings me such joy!

I believe that portraits have an incredible power: the power to capture the relationships we have with each other, the joy and love we share, the nostalgia of passing times, and the excitement of things to come. There's a kind of magic that happens at every portrait session, and that's what keeps me in it for the long haul!

Whether you're engaged, newlyweds, or about to expand your nest, I would love to work together and commemorate this special time in your lives - let's make some magic!


Hi, I'm Jocelyn!



My hubby is an impossible combination of sweet, nerdy, athletic, and totally hunky - I like to call him the unicorn of husbands. ;) He also assists me on every session!


my husband 


My background is in textiles and apparel, and I'm extremely passionate about fit/sizing systems and personal color theory. I love the concept of "enclothed cognition": how what you're wearing can transform your self-perception and empower you in your day-to-day life.


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At any given moment, I'm usually doing one or the other (and sometimes both)! I'm a classically trained soprano, and I absolutely love singing with my church choir.


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There's nothing quite as exciting as traveling somewhere new, learning about other cultures, and trying new foods. I lived in Milan for a semester of college and have always cherished that experience. Next on the bucket list: Santorini and Tokyo!

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I was very fortunate to grow up with three grandparents in the house, all of whom I loved dearly. I had an especially close bond with my maternal grandmother (pictured in the bright red sweater), who passed away in 2021.

I'm so incredibly grateful for this beautiful family portrait that we took together several years ago, and for the old film snapshots I have from my childhood. My memories of her, and all those who have passed, live on in the warmth, smiles, and silliness we captured together. 


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