September 26, 2017

Sarah & Jim | Lake Mercer

Posted in: Maternity

I usually try to avoid calling certain shoots my “favorite,” because like teachers and parents, we photographers aren’t supposed to show favoritism, right? 😉 Well…I might just have to be a bad human being and admit that this maternity session with Sarah and Jim (and their adorable labrador mix Jambon!) is honestly one of my favorite shoots of all time!

It goes without saying that I love all of my clients and each session I do is special in its own way. But I simply, absolutely adored capturing these sundrenched, joy-filled images: I love how Sarah glows, the tug-on-your-heartstrings way Jim looks at her, Jambon’s infectious smile, and the beautiful, natural way this family interacts with each other.

Oh, and also, I just gotta say…I love maternity sessions, and I love dogs. Put them together, and I am basically squealing with happiness (which was me half of the session, not gonna lie). If you’ve ever thought of bringing your fur baby to a shoot, let these adorable pictures of Jambon cast all doubt from your mind: DO ITTTT!!

[Not shown: my fiancé, Manuel, babysitting Jambon for those shots where we just wanted Sarah and Jim. Thanks, babe, you’re the best! <3]


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