April 2, 2016

Scott & Olivia | Alexandria Waterfront

Posted in: Couple/Anniversary

Ten minutes before our shoot, I got a text from Olivia: I’m seeing drops of rain…

I texted back, Uh-oh. We’ll do our best!

Sure enough, a steady drizzle commenced as we made our way over to Jones Point Park. But once we got there, we were amazed at the range of great shooting locations we found, and just a little while later, the rain faded away, leaving a moody, thickly overcast sky in its wake.

It goes without saying that every person and couple I photograph has their own special touch, but Olivia and Scott were truly amazing, enthusiastically jumping to whatever challenge I set out for them, whether it be shivering out on the waterfront, dodging pedestrians and bikers in the jogging path as the sun began to peek out, exploring adorable little lighthouses, balancing on coastal rocks just so I could get the classic “him-carrying-her” shot, or hunting for the perfect start-of-spring flowers.

I loved capturing their adventurous spirit and their cozy, joyful, natural, and affectionate interactions with each other. Hope you enjoy these photos as much as I did taking them! 🙂