The Lee Family | River Farm

I’m so excited to share this adorable session with the Lee Family, taken at the picturesque River Farm in Alexandria! When Rachel reached out looking for updated photos of her beautiful little family, I knew that River Farm would be perfect for their session. I love River Farm’s mix of brick buildings, manicured lawns, lush greenery, gardens, and walkways, and I prayed all week for good weather to highlight the unique beauty of the venue! Fortunately, we were blessed with magical fall weather in the 70s, gorgeous golden light, and some truly gorgeous fall colors! I was absolutely enamored with the large golden tree on the front lawn, which lit up like a giant leafy lightbulb when the sunlight shone through.

Moses and Rachel are pretty much the definition of a power couple! They co-founded Rosebrook Presbyterian Church in North Bethesda, Maryland, where Moses serves as lead pastor. On top of that, Rachel works as a writer, researcher, and speaker at the Boston University Center for Antiracist Research. With parents like them, and an impeccable ability to rock a seriously stylish outfit, little Luther seems destined to grow up to be a superhero! I could not get over how cute he was in his suspenders and tiny little Chukka boots!

Since River Farm is closed to the public on weekends, we had the place almost entirely to ourselves. Luther was 100% in a walking mood and insisted on making his way around the grounds on his own two feet! Some of my favorite shots are of him slowly and sturdily planting each foot in front of himself as he walked. He would occasionally check his footing below and, of course, held onto his parents’ steady hands the whole time. Like most babies and toddlers, he gave me the full range of human expression during our session, and I love his pensive shots just as much as the joyful ones. Rachel and Moses even taught us a couple of Korean phrases: baksu (clapping, applause) and sarang-hae (I love you) to help get his bright eyes on the camera!






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