Snowy Couple Portraits | Alexandria, VA

Snow, snow, I love it so! Other than the occasional stray flurry, we have been woefully snow-free here in Alexandria for years! I was cautiously optimistic when the weather station started hyping up this weekend’s snowstorm, as there have been many a false alarm in the past. However, I had nothing to worry about! We woke up on Sunday morning to beautiful fresh snow blanketing the ground and rooftops. It continued snowing into the afternoon, so we decided to take a few fun “selfies” in the snow! Manuel and I had gifted each other matching Sperry boots for Christmas, so it was the perfect opportunity to whip them out for some camera action! 😉

Taking your own portraits is always a challenge, but one that I enjoy immensely! You are effectively on both sides of the camera at once, so it actually gives you a lot of creative control. And of course I love being able to edit my own photos right after the session without having to wait for someone else to post process them! 🙂 If you’re looking to take your own self portraits, I recommend investing in a good, sturdy tripod and an intervalometer, so that you can “program” your camera to take multiple batches of photos in a sequence. This eliminates the need to constantly run back to the camera to reset the self-timer. As with anything, practice makes perfect! This is the 3rd time that Manuel and I have taken our own portraits, and I’m pretty darn pleased with the results!

Happy snow day!!




Jocelyn Bravo is an Alexandria family photographer who specializes in creating joyful and luminous images for families and couples. She loves working with clients all across Virginia and the DMV!


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